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Malala likes Nawaz Sharif’s economic policies and Imran Khan’s passion


The world youngest Global Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, in a TV interview, has said that terrorism is thinking and an ideology that will be end by education not the gun as the gun is only the short term solution.


“I remember my country and friend. Everyone have to struggle for the ultimate peace of Pakistan. We could ensure our achievements by fulfilling our part honestly”, said Malala. Whenever I heard about any social and entertainment activities or festival is going to be held in Sawat or Karachi I feel glad but news of any attack and blast disappoint me more.


Talking about the role of Pakistani leaders, she said that I like the economy policy of Nawaz Sharif, the passion of Imran Khan, the intelligence of Asif Ali Zardari and speeches of Maulana Fazul Rehman. Instead of criticising each other, they should focus their attentions on the problems of the public.

First my mission was to arrange education for the children of Sawat but now my mission is a global mission to arrange at least primary education for all children. It is the education that can end the terrorism. “I also said the American president that education is the only way to eradicate the education. Gun is only a short-term solution”, she added.

The world youngest Global Peace Prize winner is studying politics and history these days. She expressed her view over meetings with global leaders that I learn a lot of things from all international leaders whom she met.

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