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Long march plan to be re-planed on July 15: PTI


ISLAMABAD/Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman has called a meeting of his party’s core committee on 15th of this month to finalize the schedule for the ‘long march’ which was programmed to be staged in Islamabad on August 14 in protest against alleged rigging in the election 2013.


As stated by PTI spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari, the program will be finalized after getting suggestions from party leaders. She said that PTI was determined to hold a peaceful ‘Azadi March’.

It is reported that government has invited Mr. Khan to attend the official Independence Day ceremony in Islamabad; however, Dr Mazari expressed ignorance about it.

In a statement, PTI’s vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the Aug 14 march would be peaceful and there would be no change in its date and that he also warned the government not to create any hurdle, otherwise it would itself be responsible for any unpleasant situation arising out of its decision.

“There will be no chance of a clash if the government does not create hurdles in the way of the long march,” said he.

He said that it’s the responsibility of the government to maintain peach during the march. He also appeals the PTI supporters to ensure their presence in Islamabad on Aug 14 ignoring all the impediments.


Meanwhile, the minister for Railway Khwaja Saad Rafiq, during a news conference in Lahore, requested Mr. Khan not to turn the Independence Day into a day of anxiety and trouble.

“Indulging in politics at a time when the country is fighting a war will do more harm than good,” said the minister at the hurriedly-called news conference at Lahore Press Club.

Imran Khan Address in UK Video:

He craved the PTI chief to change the date of his long march. “Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations date back when both Mr. Khan and I were not born. This year too August 14 will not be merely an event of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. We will extend an invitation to Mr. Khan and other political leaders to enthusiastically take part in the Independence Day celebrations.”

In the end of the conference, he requested all the Pakistanis to wave national flag on August 14 all around the country instead of those of their respective parties to raise the spirit of the defenders of our motherland.

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