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LG Polls: Its PML-N’s show in Punjab and PPP’s dominance in Sindh


LAHORE/KARACHI: The first phases of local elections were held yesterday on 30 November in the respective districts of Punjab and Sindh. According to the unofficial results so far, it seems that it was PML-N’s show in Punjab and PPP dominance in Sindh.


The last local elections countrywide were held back in 2005 under Musharraf’s regime.

The currently held elections were rescheduled after they were postponed in 2014.

Yesterday, the polling for first phase of LG polls was under way in 12 out of 36 Punjab districts and 9 out of 24 districts of Sindh. The overall polling was held in quite peaceful environment as high security was provided and Army and Rangers were on high alert, despite this an untoward incident in Khairpur occurred in which 12 people were killed by firing of the rivals during polls.

In Punjab the polls were held for 2,696 seats and in Sindh the contest was for 1,072.

Punjab Polls

The unofficial results of 2102 seats are out and it clearly shows in regime PML-N stood clearly victorious in 956 seats, the independent  candidates were second as they adjusted to get 839 seats. Arch-rival of PML-N, PTI managed to get 232 seats. The leading party of Sindh, just secured 38 seats in Punjab and PML-Q obtained 33 seat in the LG polls.


According to unofficial results:

Result of 2102 seats out of 2696 in the Punjab province

  • PML-N: 956
  • IND: 839
  • PTI: 232
  • PPP: 38
  • PML-Q: 33
  • JI: 2
  • PAT: 2

Sindh Polls

The unofficial results of 764 seats out of 1070 seats are out and the PPP in its bastion seems much stronger as they were able to grab 564 seats, the IND candidates also marking the second victorious got 130 seats and then comes Pakistan Muslim League-F with 51 seats.

Result of 764 seats out of 1070 in the Punjab province

  • PPP: 564
  • IND: 130
  • PML-F: 51
  • JUI: 9
  • MQM: 4
  • PTI: 3
  • PML-N: 3

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