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Lawyer challenged Women Protection Bill in Sharia Court


ISLAMABAD: Top Pakistan lawyer has filed a petition in Sharia court pleading to strike down new law passed by Punjab Assembly, reuters said.


The Women Protection Act, provides legal protection to women from any domestic sexual and psychological abuse.

As soon as law passed, PML-N government who is running federal and provincial government of Punjab where law was passed,  conservative sections of country asked to take back the act as it will ruin social structure of Pakistani society and also promote women to go free.


Maulana Fazul Rehman head of Jamiat-ulema-e-Islam Fazal (JUI-F) whose party is in collation with PML-N in center lamented government to pass the bill, claiming bill has been passed to satisfy West (America and Europe).

According to online news agency, Supreme Court Lawyer Mohammad Aslam Khaki has filed the petition which said,” “No mechanism for filing a complaint against the wife for causing mental and psychological violence to the husband has been provided, the impugned act will further create a gap and confrontation among families while Islam and the constitution provided for their integration.”

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