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KSE-100 index tumble down by more than 300 points


KARACHI: A massive fall in the Karachi Stock Exchange-100 Index was noticed on Tuesday as it fell by more than 300 points and reached the level of 28,500 in the morning trading session.


Analysts expressed that in the case of expand in the current political crisis the situation of stocks would also remain uncertain and unexpected in the future.

The minimum volume reflected the lack of interest on the part of investors as only an investment of Rs20 million took place.


Moreover, today’s deterioration comes as Imran Khan has announced that he will march into the Red Zone and Tahir ul Qadri has called for the holding of a people’s parliament in the federal capital.

Both the groups are protesting against the government and want to topple the government. This move has caused a great lose in the economy of the country and the business activities have been suspended on a large scale due to the stoppage of the roads and uncertain situation.

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