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Jamaat-i-Islami rejected the Pakistan Protection Act


ISLAMABAD: Following Jamshed Dasti, Jamaa-i-Islami also challenges the Pakistan Protection Act (PPA) in the court.


According to a news agency, the leader of Jamaat-i-Islami Siraj ul Haq has filed a petition against the Pakistan Protection Act (PPA) in the court. The stance has been taken in the petition that the concerning bill is contrary to the given fundamental human rights in the country’s constitution. According to this Act, police will be granted such authorities which could be used against political rivals. In the light of the constitution, any law contrary to the basic human rights, could not be formed which is why the highly respected court is requested to declare this act to be null and void.


After submitting the request, Sheikh Ahsan ud Din talked to media and declared the Act to be inhumane which will enable the punishment to be given before performing of the crime which negates the Islamic values. Jamaat-i-Islami has felt that the concerning Act is against the principles of Islam which is why they betake the court.


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