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Is Pakistani Government Planning to Block Facebook?


After the filling of a petition by the civil society in the Islamabad High Court, there are rumors that government is planning to block Facebook temporarily in Pakistan.


A strong aggression in masses after the continuous blasphemy cases has been reported. Last month, some social activists were also kidnapped by the unknown persons who were accused of running anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam pages over the social media pages.


The petitioner asked for the involvement of PTA officials, FIA, PEMRA and Secretary Minister of Information and Technology in the case to tell the court what is going on over the social media platforms. If Facebook goes block in the country, then it will be not for the first time. Earlier it had been blocked in May 2010 for the promotion of blasphemous content. PTA and Ministry of Information had also banned the YouTube in 2012 that was later on resolved in last year.

Earlier the Federal Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has made it clear that if Facebook management will not cooperate with Pakistani government regarding blasphemy issues, then Pakistani government can go for the decision of blocking social media platform in the country.

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