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Imran Khan says Nawaz-Modi meeting has ‘underlying conflict of interest’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has claimed that meeting between Pakistan-Indian premiers has a ‘conflict of interest’ for a trade associate between them.


PTI chairman Imran Khan has took to twitter day after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a brief visit to Pakistan in order to participate in Nawaz Sharif’s grand-daughter’s marriage ceremony. However, Imran has also termed the meeting as positive step by the two and welcomed the rival of relationships between the longstanding foes.

“We welcome the thaw in Pak-India relations, but to have a business associate arrange the two prime ministers’ meetings has an underlying conflict of interest,” said Imran.

About the last year’s ‘secrete meeting’ between the two counterparts, Imran said: “Meetings of the two prime ministers, from the secret meeting in Kathmandu to the one in Lahore, must be done through institutional frameworks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the loop for sustainability.”


The PTI chairman also added taht such meetings could undermine a procedure whereby crisis between the two countries can be eased, and raises reservations and conflict of interest.

Earlier, it was the first time that any Indian prime minister had paid a visit to Pakistan during the last 10 years. This visit was termed by the analysts as initiative towards pacifying the tension between the two arch-rivals.

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