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Imran Khan-Reham Khan’s divorce confirmed


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and Reham Khan are divorced on Friday, confirmed the party spokesperson and close sources of Reham.


Reham-KhanRumours have been circulated for couple of months that the famous couple of Imran Khan-Reham Khan are going to separate due to some indifference between each other.

The former wife of Imran, who is currently in London, has also confirmed that separation between her and Imran.

Close sources to the prominent politician of Pakistan Imran Khan have revealed that number of issues have been emerged in their relations soon after their marriage. It had also been speculated that Imran’s sisters were not happy at all upon his marrying Reham.

Imran and Reham got married on October 30, 2014, as revealed by sources later; however, the couple revealed and formally celebrated the marriage at least three months later in January 2015.

Earlier, Reham Khan was seen passionate in taking part in her husband’s political affairs and was quite active in social affairs. However, after Imran received much criticism upon his wife’s participation in politics, Imran restricted Reham to home making her not to get outgoing and taking part in social or political affairs. The major reason behind the separation is said to be Reham’s too much intervening in the party matters, said Imran’ close aide Naeem ul Haq.

It has also been stated by the sources that both had parted ways couple of months ago, while did not reveal.

For about several months, Reham Khan, who had been well full of life on her twitter account and in supporting her husband Imran, had been passive giving excuses to critics to maintain that there is something fishy between the couple.


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