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Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan via mobile text, claims Daily Mail


British newspaper, Daily Mail has claimed that PTI chairman Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan via SMS when she arrived at Birmingham from Pakistan. A confirmation call was also made by Khans chief of staff.


According to Daily Mail, when Reham Khan arrived at Birmingham airport after a flight from Pakistan she received the Khan’s message containing ‘Main Tumhin Talaq Deta’ Hon three time. The marriage of PTI chief and BBC weather girl has disintegrated after ten months. Lot of controversies are there about divorce of Imran and Reham. The claim of Daily Mail is in contradict with whatever is said by both Imran Khan and Reham Khan. Just on the day of divorce, both said that they are parted with mutual consent.

According to Daily Mail, Reham Khan met the PTI’s officials in London and one of the closet friend of her husband started negotiating a financial settlement to annul the brief marriage. Imran Khan’s officials have confirmed to Reham that negotiations are still ongoing.


Moreover, the newspaper also revealed that among lot of the reasons the main reasons behind this break was the attitude of Reham towards Imran and his relatives. After some days of marriage with Imran Khan, Reham Khan started to change the arrangement of Bani Gala to comfort his own children. Her daughters and son were always welcomed at Bani Gala but Imran relatives never got such welcome. Moreover, he also throws Khan’s beloved pet dogs from his bedroom.

A family insider said: ‘Their home became a battleground because Reham was determined to control every aspect of Imran’s life.

‘She made his life a living hell. The wonder is that things dragged on for as long as they did. They argued over his habit of sharing his bedroom with his dogs, and her jealousy over his co

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