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Imran Khan Challenges Punjab & Sindh to end Thana Culture


Islamabad: Pakistan Tareek-e-insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Challenged Punjab and Sindh Government to end Thana culture and depoliticise their Police as KP government done.


In the series of tweet on Saturday, Imran Khan said, Police would be hold accountable before the Public Safety Commission that includes Nazims and Naib Nazims in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa for the first time, Imran Khan claimed and added that this would end “Thana Culture.”

Referring to generosity of Pakistan nation, Khan said  , “Pakistani Public is very generous charity donors yet people of the Pakistani nations want s to see their leaders pay taxes and desist from siphoning off public money.”

Chairman PTI said  that Federal Government’s tax amnesty scheme has failed as it was a scheme to reward pay taxes evaders while penalizing honest tax payers.

Imran Khan Tweets: 




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