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Imran Khan appeals ECP to assist PTI’s intra-party elections


ISLAMABAD: Paksitan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  chairman, Imran Khan on Friday, appealed Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to assist PTI’s intra-party elections.


PTI chairman talking to media about Party’s intra-party election said that Merit and democracy go hand in hand. Lack of merit has played a big role in ruining democracy in Pakistan. Due to lack of merit PPP. has deteriorated. To prevail the merit in party, we have announced to hold intra-party elections, previous  elections cost us but going forward, the only way to hold the exercise again. We have learnt from our past experience and this time around it will be more transparent.


“We have decided that there will now be direct elections; at Tehsil, District, central level , our voting process will include membership drive via mobile phones.”

The EC of the party will fully control this election.They as caretakers will have full control.They will tell me what I can do, Khan added.


PTI EC head Tasneem Noorani said that for membership number is 90088.

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