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Imran Khan accepts JC report but have reservations


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan in a official response after Judicial Commission report on alleged rigging on general election 2013 said his party has accepted the report  but have reservations.


 Accompanied by PTI leadership Imran Khan said, “I am sportsman who played under non neutral umpires, I will accept result but it makes this flawed system even more obvious”.

“The Chief Justice (CJ) conducted this brilliantly. He was alert, listening to every word, remembering every detail. But we had higher hopes”, Imran Khan said


PTI chief said,”I very politely want to ask the JC, why did all this happen & how do they view these practices that are against article 218? ”

“PML-N  forced us to go to the streets.We accept decision but we will be the most formidable opposition for them in assembly & we will show the whole country what real change is with the example are setting in KP. It is NS who wasted the nations time.”, he added.


When asked by reporter he should apologize  and take back his allegations after JC report, Khan said,” Main Sab (Nawaz Sharif) should tender an apology to the public, PTI only asked for inquiry of rigging in four NA consistencies.

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  1. Was the beneficiary alone the PTI or the 21 others who had registered their concern on rigging the elections of 2013 on the floor?

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