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Imran asked for resignation


PESAHAWAR: The chief of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan asked resignation from party’s MNAs.


According to the member of national assembly Engineer Hamid ul Haq who belongs to PTI, Imran Khan asked resignation from PTI members of the national assembly.

A party’s parliamentary quorum will be held before the national assembly session scheduled on August 4. All the members of the national assembly belonging PTI will render their resignation letter to the chairman of the party who is to table these letters to speaker of national assembly Ayaz Sadiq on the 13th of this month, one day before the ‘Azadi march’ is planned.


Hamid ul Haq was of the view that 16 members belonging to KPK have decided to render their resignation to the party leader.

Meanwhile, a sit in after the name of ‘Azadi march’ has been planned by PTI on August 14 in Islamabad against the alleged rigging in the general elections held last year. Imran Khan has already made it clear that the protest will not be taken off until the demands are not accepted.

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