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Imran announced civil disobedience movement and gave two days for PM to resign


ISLAMABAD: The chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) imran Khan announcing the civil disobedience movement against the government on Sunday asked PM to resign within two days.


Addressing to the sit-in participants, Imran said that he is going to take one of the severe decision of his life and putting the nation into a trial.

“The enthusiasm, passion and ideology which I am observing if followed by the nation, no one will be able to stop the formation of ‘Nya Pakistan’, Imran anticipated.

Imran was of the view that Nawaz Sharif has violated every Law of the country. Talking about the general elections he said that it was a ‘fixed match’ but no one could bring the ones who were involved in it into the justice.

“The nation has to decide what to be done with these corrupt people who hide themselves behind the Constitution,” he said.


Mr. Khan said that after a prolong counseling with his party leaders he and his party decided to launch a civil disobedient movement lest the workers and participants of the march should lead toward the Prime Minister House. If they had been given the permission to do so, a clash with police were inevitable and as a result of which many innocuous police personnel would die.

“We don’t want any disintegration in the country which persuade the army to take over. We want democracy in the country that’s why we are giving two days for PM to resign,” Imran expressed.

“I will form such a great nation as Quaid-e-Azam desired,” Imran added.

Moreover, he justified giving space of two days so that the PM should pack up, however, the efforts to make a deal will prove to be in vain.

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