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IDPs to be given employment


ISLAMABAD: United Nation’s bureau of International Labor Organization (ILO) has suggested the government to provide prior opportunities of employment for IDPs.


This will not only help the people to be rescued from long term unemployment but also reduces the burden from the national treasury.

According to a report, delivered by UN Information Centre, the department built for IDPs has observed that mostly effected people do waste their time due to not having any sort of work. It is also a usual phenomenon that, due to poverty, children are used for labor in the region. Child labor could be stopped to provide work opportunities to the youth of the families.


The report says that there are immense difficulties to draw a strategy due to not having an exact estimate of the people which are capable for work among the IDPs. Keeping in mind such impediments, the ILO in association with other departments of UNO has prepared a plan to provide short term jobs and works to IDPs in these areas.

ILO, after setting Emergency Employment Information Centre, will launch IDPs registration to provide them with work. Under this strategy, some people are to be given direct jobs, some are to be granted instruments to find work for themselves and others will be guided to seek work or jobs in other departments.


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