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Honor killing is un-Islamic, Ulema council declares fatwa


Islamabad: A fatwa is delivered by The Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) in clear word that Islam does not allow any killing of women or girls following the honor.


“These murders are akin to spreading mischief on Earth.” said the council on Thursday by issuing a fatwa against such murders which are bereft of any Islamic and legal justifications.

The conference presided by the chair of the PUC, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi, was held here to which diplomats, religious scholars and representatives of minority communities were invited.

The PUC chairman revealed that these muders were usually happened against unmarried girls which are not allowed even if the charges against them are proven to be right.

According to The Association Press of Pakistan, a kind of sorrow over such incidents which involves sectarian violence and attacks on the places of worships of non-Muslims was also expressed in the conference.

The Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Muhammad Yousaf, beseeched all ulema and the representatives of minority communities to draw an agreement on promoting patience among the masses.


The participators of the confirence also craved the government to grant legal status to a proposed code of conduct and make sure that it was implemented.

The main points of the proposed code of conduct are as under:

  • Terrorism committed in the name of Islam is a violation of Islam, and the leadership of all religions and sects declare their dissociation from such acts.
  • No prayer, cleric or speaker will debase or induce his followers to debase any prophets, companions, family members or wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),the four caliphs and Imam Mehdi in his speech or sermon.
  • No Muslim sect will be declared non-Muslim and no Muslim or non-Muslim will be declared worthy of being killed.
  • Apart from Azan and Arabic sermon, the use of loudspeakers will be completely banned.
  • Publication and distribution of offensive and hateful books, literature and pamphlets will be stopped and there will be a complete ban on cassettes and online websites containing objectionable and hateful material.

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