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Hindu Marriage Act strongly requested by Hindu Legislator


ISLAMABAD: The Right of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT) Network has encouraged the lawmakers to pass the Hindu Marriage Act in its pure spirits.


In a statement on Wednesday, Chairman REAT Network Krishan Sharma has said for Pakistani Hindus, living without a marriage law for the last 67 years, another year was wasted by lawmakers, who delayed the approval of draft Hindu Marriage Act on July 5.

He strongly condemned the act of delaying the approval of the planned Hindu Marriage Act 2015 by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights.

Chairman REAT said that it showed the lack of political force by the Hindu lawmakers to work for the rights of the minorities living in Pakistan.


He confirmed that this bill was to establish rules and regulation for registration of marriage and divorce for Hindu Pakistanis, presently as in the absence of such a law, Hindus in Pakistan did not even have a authorized document as proof of marriage and by granting approval for the draft would have set a pattern for the provinces to follow.

Krishan Sharma has said that Hindus living in Pakistan are also destitute of legal rights such as birthright, remarriage, separation, adoption of children and cancellation of marriage.

The Hindu Marriage Bill was initially drafted by National Commission on Status of Women (NCSW) and presented through private member by Ramesh Lal from PPP.

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