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Heatwave and Load-shedding in Ramadan: 10 reported dead


As Ramadan, pious month for Muslims in which they offer fast to get blessings from ALLAH is on its way. All the promises of Government to avoid load shedding in Sehri and Aftari times, just fainted from 1st of Ramadan even the load-shedding have increase from its normal routine.


Government policies over load-shedding have so far made life of people miserable. Many of the people claimed that there is not even drop of water to perform Wazzuh throughout the day, as load-shedding is at its peak.


According to the sources, load-shedding from all around the Pakistan and from all four of its provinces have reported, in which major countries like Multan, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar are included.

As on 20th June it was a hot humid day in all areas of Pakistan, especially in Karachi, where record of last 10 years temperature have broken. Load-shedding making it more worse for the people as it becomes unbearable in the condition of continuous hours of load-shedding.

Late on Thursday, people got their smile back as weather becomes pleasant after rain in KP and upper Punjab areas. According to the reports, monsoon rains are expected to kick off from Sunday.

Yesterday, highest temperature in Pakistan was of Sibbi recorded as 49 degree Celsius.

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