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Hamza Ali Abbasi urges celebrities to support Pakistan Army publicly and vocally


Indian media came up with fake claim of ‘surgical attack’ in Pakistan on Thursday and following it Indians on social media lent their support for their armed forces. Even many of the Bollywood celebrities backed Indian army for doing all this in response of the Uri Attack, which left 18 Indian soldiers dead.


Here is what Bollywood stars Tweeted after Indian army claimed that they have done ‘surgical attacks’ in Pakistan:

Shah Rukh Khan: Thnk Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.

Akshay Kumar: Proud of the Indian Army for successfully carrying out the anti-terrorism operation.Glad the Government took this bold step, was about time.

Varun Dhawan: Proud of our army they are the pride of our nation #IndiaArmy.


Arjun Rampal: Super proud that terrorism is spoken to in the language they understand.Let’s unite borders by uniting against terrorism. #IndianArmy ki jai.

Raveena Tandon: Thank you @adgpi Indian Army for the much needed strike on terror camps in POK. You have made the world a lit safer… Jai HIND #salute.

Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is quite vocal over the happenings around urged Pakistani celebrities to cone forward and support Pakistan Army publicly and vocally.


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