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Government is ready to bow down for Pakistan’s stability: Rashid


ISLAMABAD: After the National Security Conference held in Islamabad on Saturday, the Information Minister Pervez Rashid said that the issues such as Zarb-i-Azb, IDPs and security were discussed in the meeting.


Addressing to media outside the Prime Minister House here on Saturday the Minister said that this is unprecedented and not to be found in the history of Pakistan that political leaders of all the opposition parties, government leadership and army leaders were gathered to plan strategies.

He told the media that Director General of Military Operation (DGMO) has briefed the conference about the ongoing mission in North Waziristan.

Earlier, the conference call was made to discuss the current security issues in the country and this was going to be the second of such conference in this regard.

He said that political leaders asked various questions concerning ongoing operation against terrorist and the strategies about dealing with IDPS to which General Raheel answered and told the cabinet about those steps taken by the government to help those effected people. The Minister said that suggestions were also received by various leaders in restoring the IDPs.

Rashid told the media that PM Nawaz Sharif, at the end of the conference, thanked the participants and also appreciated their efforts for the country which will bring about prosperity in Pakistan.


Moreover, the minister, while talking to media, said that government is constantly working to achieve the objectives for the stability and prosperity of the country has been succeeded. And this is the pleasant change in the history of the country as all are agreed to work together for the survival of the country.

“We have overcome the security concerns and the country is now saved from terrorism. Pakistan is now on its way to become more stable and prosperous,” he added.

At a question asked by a journalist, Pervez said that Imran just criticizes and accuses the reform acts of the government.

About Imran’s Azadi-March he claimed that Imran only wants to raise his party’s flag neglecting the grace and honor of Pakistan’s national flag on August 14.

He said that government has shows flexibility in fulfilling Imran’s demands but he is indulging in spoiling public’s pleasure by imposing Azadi-March on them instead to let them to celebrate the Independence Day on August 14.

“For God sake doesn’t spoil the happy moments of the nation,” he urged Imran.

Answering a question about Qadri, he claimed that Tahir ul Qadri has incited his workers to use nail-baton against police in retaliation. Pervez said that Qadri lies about his workers’ death in clash with police.

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