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Google introduces Street View Maps of historical, cultural sights of Pakistan


Google is about to launch a special project allowing the promotion of Pakistani cultural heritage with special view maps for the exquisite cultural and historical treasures from Pakistan.


Google Cultural Institute Pakistan is all about preserving the heritage of Pakistan’s civilizations that date beck more than five thousand years. This new project will digitalise history to present it to the people above limits.

The project that started in 2012 is managed by the Big G with cooperation of local authorities from concerned departments. Google chose a set of places from all across Pakistan and then featured them through 360-degree street-level imagery which is commonly known as street view mapping.


At the moment, more than dozen such places that the company has captured are put live on Google Maps, and it is anticipated that more locations will be got mapped during coming days.

Now, after being provided with such facility, users from around the world can virtually pay visit to historical places of Pakistan. These 3D images allow you enjoy them from every corner and side in a sort of naturalistic view of the sights.

Initially, few of Pakistan wonders are available and can be seen here.

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