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Geo/Jang group apologies  ISI and Army


Islamabad: The Geo/Jang group seek tender apology from ISI and armed forces over accusing the ISI chief Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam after Hamid Mir was assaulted.


The Geo/Jang group shows respect for the leaders of the Pakistani forces in a publication of apology in their news papers both in English and Urdu.

The devotion for the protection of the borders by the army has always been admired, explained in the letter.

The concerning group explained that the accusations were made by Hamid Mir and confirmed by his brother soon after the attack in Karachi, and that the organization is not responsible for these charges.

The senior journalist and anchorperson claimed that ISI or some hidden hands were involved assaulting him, and that he was jeopardized to leave the country by the same elements which were responsible for the attacks.


“After serious retrospection, editorial debates, feedback and engagement with all parties, directly and indirectly, we have concluded that our coverage immediately after the tragic and unnerving attack on Hamid Mir on April 19 was excessive, distressful and emotional,” said the group in today’s apology.

The media group acknowledged that all the coverage that was given the name of the campaign against the forces was the result of misunderstanding; however, the broadcasting of the photo of DG ISPR was according to the current  traditions of the media.

The apology letter includes excuses to the ISI along with the chief Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam and his family, besides all those viewers whose feelings were hurt.

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