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FO Spokesperson said Modi’s statement is anti-Pakistan and regrettable


ISALAMABAD: The Foreign Office said on Tuesday that the Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan statements are ‘regrettable’ and that it confirms Pakistan’s stance on India’s negative role.


The foreign spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said in a statement that it is deplorable that Indian politicians not only indulge in activities that violate United Nations’ Charter but also they are arrogant in inciting their meddling the internal affairs of other states.

The spokesperson maintained that while Pakistan believes in peaceful co-existence and keeping good neighbourly relations with India, characterization of bilateral relations by Prime Minister Modi as ‘nuisance’ is unfortunate.

He insisted that the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh are bound not only by the potent bonds of religious kinship but also by the history of their suffering for freedom against colonial rule.

Indian efforts to sow seeds of dispute between the two akin nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh will not be fruitful, he determined.


Meanwhile, Khalilullah’s statement comes after massive sarcasm from politicians against the Modi’s allegations at Dhaka University.

Earlier this morning, Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Shah, requested the foreign office to take notice of Indian premier’s anti-Pakistan statements.

On Sunday, Modi accused Pakistan of creating ‘nuisance’ and ‘constantly’ troubling India by spreading terrorism.

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif also said that contours of future wars are rapidly changing.

He said that while Pakistan’s enemies are backing terrorism to stoke sub-conventional conflicts and destabilize the country, its army is fully determined, potent of defusing nefarious patterns.

The Pakistan Army had also made a claim last month that Indian spy agency Research Analysis Wing (RAW) is involved in terrorism in Pakistan.

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