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FBR issued tax notice to PTI Imran Khan’s wife Reham Khan


ISLAMABAD: Reham Khan, the wife of PTI chief Imran Khan, has been sent a notice from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for not filing her income tax return of the year 2014.


“Yes, we have sent a notice to Reham Khan, as we come to know through some media reports that she had filed her income tax return”, FBR spokesperson Shahid Hussain Asad said.

He told the media that Reham Khan would have to reply the notice within 30 days, otherwise further process would be taken against her.

“She does not have the national tax number (NTN), which is mandatory for the person earning handsome money, therefore, the FBR issued a notice to her,” said another official.

He said the Bureau is in fact issuing notices to all non-taxpayers who are not filing their income tax returns.

He told that the government has a plan to put non-taxpayers into the tax net to expand tax base of the country, and it has already issued notices to more than 150,000 non-taxpayers in last two year.


Therefore, every non-taxpayer would be brought into tax net, including Reham Khan, he said.

The FBR had issued a list of all parliamentarians, which are included into tax net on April 10, that displayed that Imran Khan paid Rs218,237 income tax during previous year 2014. However, his wife had not yet filed the income tax return forcing the FBR to issue a notice to her.

Reham Khan’s yesterday Tweets:


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