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Father of PTV Aslam Azhar passes away at 83


Famous broadcaster, cerebral and progressive ideologue Aslam Azhar passed away on Tuesday at the age of 83, family resources informed the media.


The departed soul left his partner, Nasreen Azhar, a person rights capitalist, two sons named Osama and Arieb Azhar – and a daughter as well as a multitude of friends, co-workers and also fans to mourn his death.

Borne on September1932 in Lahore, Azhar did his bachelor’s from Govt College Lahore. Right after completing his Masters in Law degree from the Cambridge University in 1954, Azhar, a person of several talents joined the Department of Movies and Journals as a freelancer.


Azhar, owning experience with theatre and broadcasting, was asked on November 26, 1964, to operate a three-month initial task with the lawn of Radio Pakistan, Lahore. The project was a success because of the untiring initiatives of Azhar and the team.

He rapidly put together a first-class team of designers, writers, artists, cameraman and set up stations at Karachi, Lahore and Quetta, providing high-quality programming and advanced equipments.

Azhar must be given credits for launching other projects, such as the very first PTV award ceremony of 1982-83, Music 89, contest transmissions on 1970 elections and the Islamic Summit held in Lahore.  He produced “Roobroo”, hosted by Mohsin Sherazi, which started to be very popular. ‘Khuda ki Basti’ and lots of other plays obtained a new lease of life under his capable management.

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