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F-16 sale to Pakistan shouldn’t bother India, says US


WASHINGTON: The United States Defense Department on Tuesday said that the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan should not be a cause of concern to India as the deal “always” took into account the regional security situation.


“The US looks at its relationship with Pakistan and with India as a separate relationship,” Pentagon Press Secretary Petro Cook  said while answering to question about India’s reaction to US decision to sell aircraft to Pakistan.


“We think these are important capabilities for Pakistan to go after terrorists,” the spokesperson said, while referring to the F-16 aircraft which had been playing an important role in the ongoing military operation against terrorists.

“We don’t think it should be a cause concern for India,” he said.

After the deal of US- Pak F-16 jets, India had showed his resentment over the deal and called upon US Ambassador to India, to show their concern over the Jet fighter sale.

According to reports, Pakistan air force already has 70 F-16 jets and few Chinese and French as well, this new addition will strengthen Pakistan’s air  defence.

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