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Everyone’s concerns will be addressed and consensus on CPEC is a must: Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif requested the political parties to take on a consensus stance on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project for the expediency of the country.


Addressing the conference of parliamentary leadership in the federal capital on Thursday, he said the political leaders’ reserve the right to put across their apprehensions which will be entertained.

The premier, however, said that ‘we should move forward on national issues with one voice and united stance’. This, he said, will also convey a positive message to China that the whole Pakistani nation is unswerving for the economic corridor project.

“China is a friend to Pakistan, and it supports us as a nation without focusing on a particular party,” said the premier.


Prime Minister said this grand project will be proven to be a milestone for Pakistan. He expressed the investment coming in from China is exceptional in the history of Pakistan and acknowledgment for this goes to all the political parties.

On this occasion, the premier commended the law enforcement agencies and the Sindh government for pinching the convicts of terrorist attack on Ismaili community in Karachi. He was of the view that culprits should be given exemplary sentence and it will be explicit as to who is backing these elements.

Meanwhile, the APC was called to make consensus on the CPEC project as the leaders of some political parties from small provinces had expressed their reservations about the probable route of the CPEC project.

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