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Eid-ul-Azha to be celebrated tomorrow in Pakistan


Muslims in Pakistan will be celebrating Eid-ul-Azha tomorrow  on 13th September with religious solemnity.


The main congregation in Lahore would be held at Badshahi Mosque and Daata Darbar Mosque. The main congregation in Karachi would be held at Gulshan-e-Jinnah (old Polo Ground), Nishtar Park, Federal-B area, T-Ground and Eidgah Nizamabad.

After offering Eid prayers, the faithful will slaughter their sacrificial animals, including cows, camels, goats and sheep, in remembrance of Sunnat-e Ibrahimi.


Eidul Azha is also known as the “Feast of the Sacrifice”. It honours the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) as an act of submission of Allah’s command before Allah then intervened, through his angel Jibrail and informs him that his sacrifice has already been accepted.

Eid ul Adha or Eidul Azha meat distribution:

The meat from the sacrificed animal is preferred to be divided into three parts as follows:

One third share of the meat is retained by the family

Another one third is for neighbours, relatives and friends.

Remaining one third is for needy and poor people.

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