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Edhi Foundation rejects INR 10 million donation from India


Edhi Foundation rejected on Tuesday the donation worth INR10 million, which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a day ago.


Sources from the inside the foundation has thanked the Indian PM for his generosity but politely turned down the offer. According to the sources, it is against the agenda of foundation to take aid from India.

Earlier, the donation for the foundation was announced by Indian premier after a young Indian girl was sent back to her country after more than 10 years, which she spent stranded in Pakistan. As a gratitude gesture, Modi announced the donation for the foundation, which played the major role in sending her to home.

The PM had also thanked the Edhi family terming it as compassion for taking good care of Geeta.


Meanwhile, praising Bilqis Bano Edhi, the founder of Edhi Foundation, he said: “I don’t think any amount of words is enough to thank the family for taking care of Geeta with love and affection for so many years”.

“What the Edhi family has done is too priceless to be measure but I am happy to announce a contribution of Rs 10 million to their foundation,” the Indian premier maintained.

While welcoming Geeta, Modi expressed: “It is truly wonderful to have you back home. Was truly a delight to spend time with you today… All of India will take care of you.”

At this occasion, he assured the girl that efforts would be made to ascertain whereabouts of her family.

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