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Edhi Foundation fears drop in donations, says Faisal Edhi


The founder of Edhi Foundation, Abdul Sattar Edhi, who started off with this organization back around six decades left this immortal world after being on death bed since long.


The 88-years old humanitarian was bid farewell as state funeral was organized at the National Stadium Karachi, in which thousands of people from different ways of life arrived. Military brass and top politicians from nationwide also arrived at the funeral to bid farewell to the greatest humanitarian.

Now as the days have passed, the elder son of the philanthropist, Faisal Edhi on way to carry his legacy has talked about the hurdles being planted to effect Edhi’s mission.

In talks with BBC Urdu, Faisal Edhi said, “There is a risk of lack of donations for the organisation because there is an active campaign run against the Edhi Foundation every year,” it will be relevant to mention here that the campaign on run is pelting stones on belief of Abdul Sattar Edhi to sabotage the mission going on for years.


“Certain elements spread negative propaganda and rumours in order to keep people from donating to the foundation,” he further said.

When Faisal Edhi was asked that who are the people spreading all this, he replied “those who are backward, reactionary and hold extremist views” are responsible. “Mullahs and capitalists have always distressed Edhi,” he further added.

“Mullahs in their Friday sermons have on occasion called him an Ahmadi, sometimes a kaafir, sometimes an Agha Khani, and urged people not to give charity to the foundation,” Faisal told how these people have stayed against his father (Abdul Sattar Edhi).


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