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Reham Khan used me, said ex husband Ejaz Rehman in Interview


Reham Khan, wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, has targeted again by her former husband Dr. Ijaz Rehman. Dr. Rehman accused his former wife Reham Khan of slandering his good name.


In an interview to Daily Mail, the former husband of Reham Khan, Dr. Ijaz Reham accused her of slandering his good name and despite the turmoil already affecting their inter-related families, is threatening legal action against her. Dr. Rehman words were: “She used me like toilet paper to clean her image.”

Reham Khan's former husband Dr.Ijaz Rehman
Reham Khan’s former husband Dr.Ijaz Rehman

Dr. Reham first time appeared in a detailed interview against her former wife Reham Khan. It is worth to mention here that it was Reham Khan who had first started the blame game by accusing her husband for domestic violence and not supporting her and her children financially. According to Dr. Rehman, the continuing blame game by Reham Khan has forced him to answer her in that way, now means, he says, he has no choice.


Dr. Rehman told to the Daily Mail, “Reham is completely unprincipled to have made this allegation. I never raised a hand against her, even when provoked by her hysterical attacks on me during our marriage. She’s damaged my reputation just because she wanted people to feel sorry for her.”

Imran Khan - Reham's current husband
Imran Khan – Reham’s current husband

“For a woman with three children to leave her husband is not a done thing in our culture – unless she had very good reasons. That’s why she concocted the fictional stories about me being a bad husband and terrible father,” he added.

Dr, Rehman refuted the claim of Reham Khan for not supporting her financially on the ground, “As for me not financially supporting my kids, how on earth could someone in my position working for the NHS get away with such a thing? After the divorce I paid 25 per cent of my £6,000 monthly salary to the Child Support Agency (CSA).”

“If you put my name into the internet, the stories do not make me look good,” he said. “I’ve stopped going out socially because whenever people hear my name they recognize me. I’ve even had emails asking if I had ever beaten her.”

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