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Dedication for Civil Rights: Pakistani Ghulam Fatima honoured with Global award in NY


The Clinton Global Citizen award ceremony was held in New York on Sunday where she was awarded with the award.


The honoured Pakistani lady has been working for the betterment of bonded labour in Pakistan as the elected general secretary of the Bonded Labour Liberation Front Pakistan (BLLF).

Fatima is known for advocating compliance of the International Labour Organization’s major labour standards in Pakistan beside campaigning for legal rights of the mistreated brick kiln labourers and home-based workers in the country as well as domestic female workers.


The activist is a member of the Provincial Committee for Abolition of Bonded Labour Punjab and of the District Vigilance Committee in the 12th district of Pakistan.

The honoured civil rights activist had been struggling for her cause as well.

The Clinton Global Citizen Awards were founded back in 2007 after the name of former US president Bill Clinton at his calling to action by honouring extraordinary persons who exemplify global citizenship through their vision and leadership. These individuals have shown that different sectors of society can go hand in hand successfully to work out solutions that could come out with positive, lasting social change.

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