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Dasti Facing the Wrath of Fellow Parliamentarians


Jamshed Dasti, an MNA have earned the displeasure of more than 200 parliamentarians who have opted to submitted a motion against him to cast him out of the esteemed house and suspend his membership.



Dasti, an independent MNA from Muzaffargarh was voted against by the members belonging to all the parties. Some months ago, Dasti has accused the parliamentarians with the inclusion of women members of indulging in the immoral activities which are below their status. The motion was vehemently supported by the female members of the parliament. Dasti’s tirade on the members parliament included bringing of narcotics and girls for displaying dance inside the lodges. He had also vowed to prove those allegations with the substantial evidence but could not produce any important evidence. He also demanded from the speaker of NA to confirm the validity of his allegations. The speaker warned him that if the allegations leveled by him are proved baseless, a strict action would be taken against him.

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