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Cyber Crime Bill 2015 approved by Standing Committee


The committee, after a sub-committee gave its input regarding the controversial bill and tabled it before the standing committee, has pass it.


Chairman of standing committee Capt (r) Safdar told the members that up to 205 objections were received from different people during the making of the bill and, as he stated, all such questions were addressed positively.

However, as a matter of fact, the endorsed bill brought no alterations and is as it was when presented by the ministry seeking public feedback.

As stated the chairman, new amendments suggested in the bill are aimed at making it flexible with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering rules.


In the light of this newly approved bill, a person, aged at least 13 year, who found guilty of committing cyber crime would be sent behind bars for maximum 14 years and Rs. 50 million fine to be imposed for cyber terrorism.

It is worth to mention that the approved copy of the bill has not been distributed yet and only Chairman of the Committee has one. The draft was not even showed to the members.

The approved bill will be presented in National Assembly where, after being approved, it will finally be passed and get implemented as a law.

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