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Cotecna reference: Asif Zardari is summoned on June 24


Islamabad: An accountability court has summoned the former president in Cotecna case on 24 of this month.


Due to the departure of Muhammad Bashir, who is the judge of an accountability court, the ARY Gold and Arsis Tractor references could not be decided and the hearing was cancelled till June 24. Meanwhile, according to the online, an accountability court summoned Zardari to be alleged in cotecna reference.


The officials said that the eye witnesses are also summoned in SGS reference on the same date.

Moreover, the hearing on the OGRA Corruption case is postponed till June 20.

Apart from Zardari, the others who were to be alleged in this case include the former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani, Raja Pervez Ashraf and former chairman OGRA Touqeer Sadiq.

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