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The cancellation of visit will not slacken the relations: Chinese embassy


ISLAMABAD: Chinese embassy in Islamabad has expressed the confidence that the new date of President Xi’s visit will be decided as soon as political situation in Pakistan comes to normal.


Talking to media in Islamabad, a senior official of Chinese embassy said that both sides are consulting each other so that the visit could take place at an early date. He said that the new date of president’s visit will not be too far.


He brushes aside the impressions and speculations that the postponement of the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan could affect Pak-China historical ties in any manner what so ever.

Meanwhile, the government officials have been deploring the cancellation of Chinese President’s visit Pakistan since there are several agreements to be sign between the two counties in during this visit.

According to government, the Chinese President’s abandoning the visit is due to the sit-ins and protests of PTI and PAT; and that it will deprive Pakistan from big projects China intended to launch in Pakistan.

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