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Budget of Rs215bn disclosed for Balochistan


QUETTA: The Balochistan government claims that the given budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015 would prove to be more beneficial for education and health sectors.


Finance adviser to the Balochistan chief minister, Mir Khalid Langove presented the deficit budget with a total volume of over Rs215bn as compared to Rs198.395bn total expenditure for last year’s budget.

On Tuesday, while presenting the budget, Langove said the government has decided to establish two universities and 14 new colleges, and upgrade 200 primary schools to impart quality education to students.

“The government has allocated a substantial amount for repair of impoverished schools across the province,” said Langove.

He said that Rs1bn is allocated to build a cadet college at the Chaman border-town, while, the students of Gwadar, Turbat and Loralai regions would be accommodated with universities.

As far as the health sector is concerned, Langove said that more than 70 vaccination centers would be set up across the province and while Rs1bn is set aside for the purchase of equipment for government-run hospitals. Likewise, Rs .24bn have been consigned for the provision of free medicine to patients across Balochistan. Regarding law and order, he unveiled that 27 percent budget for law and order was increased and that the government had decided to bestow modern training to police. He said the government had allocated more than Rs17bn for law and order, up from Rs16bn. In the same way, the coalition government has also decided to increase compensation for the victims of terrorism from Rs2 million to Rs4 million. Rs6.35 million was allotted for agriculture sector, while, Rs3bn was granted for the purchase of 200 new bulldozers.


A Bann is also implemented over the purchase of luxury vehicles as well as visits of legislators and bureaucrats to foreign countries through government funds in order to enhance the governance. In spite of financial constraints, the government claims it has increase the non-development disbursement from Rs 154bn to Rs164bn. On the other hand, the government raised the grants for the public sector development programme from last year’s Rs43.913 bn to Rs50.742bn this year. Last year’s infighting among the coalition partners over attractive portfolios caused a six-month delay in the formation of the cabinet in Balochistan. The provincial government could not complete the development projects owing to delayed formation of the cabinet.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Mlik Baloch told that the funds would not lapse and mechanism was prepared to re-use it upon completion of ongoing projects. The government also increased the salaries and pensions of government employees by 10%.

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