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British govt to sport Amir Khan in establishing sports academy in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: The British government agreed to push boxer Amir Khan in his cause to establishing a sports academy to rain young Pakistani boxers.


A day after Amir’s expressing his wish to set up an academy in Islamabad during his speech at Islamabad Sports Complex, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton met the boxer.

“Amir is a great ambassador for sport both in the UK and in Pakistan. H personifies the cultural bonds between our two nations including our shared love for sports,” Barton said.

“I am delighted Amir plans to establish a boxing academy in Pakistan. Young Talent needs to be nurtured and supported. I am sure the academy will produce many Pakistani boxing champions in the future,” he added.


Earlier, Khan expressed his belief in the ability of Pakistan to produce number of champions and asked the government to help in setting up the academy in the capital.

“Pakistan can produce not one or two, but several champions; but they need support,” said the British boxer.

After meeting with high commissioner, Amir commended the support saying: “I am grateful to the British high commissioner on his support to my plans of training Pakistani boxers. As a British Pakistani, I have always felt privileged to be part of the deep connections between the UK and Pakistan that are embedded in the historical and cultural ties between the two countries.”

The boxer also added: “I fully encourage other international sportsmen to visit Pakistan.”

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