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BOL staff observes ‘Youm-E-Zulm’ today on 27th May


BOL Media Network staffers observes 27th May as ‘Youm-e-Zulm’, the day marks the 1st anniversary of their closure and detention of their founder Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.


To observe this day, BOL employees who were badly effected due to shut down of BOL even before going live gathered at BOL Karachi office and showed solidarity with the arrested CEO and other top Brass of BOL TV.

The attendees wore black ribbon as a gesture of protest as they claimed that Axact CEO was detained illegally without filing any FIR against him one year ago after the fake report of the foreign media surfaced, and furthermore BOL TV channel was also restrained from going live. BOL Action Committee told that this all led to financial hard times of over 30,000 people as they all were left jobless.


BOL-Exact Short Highlights

New York Times reports about Axact giving fake degrees for real cash (May 17, 2015)

The bigwig media came up with report revealing about the fake degree of Axact company. It will be worth mentioning that Axact is the parent company of BOL.

Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh arrested by FIA (May 27, 2015)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Axact, Shoiab Ahmad Shaikh was detained by FIA late on 26th May as company Axact was alleged of providing fake degrees.

Information Ministry asks PEMRA to temporarily stop BOL’s transmission (May 28, 2015)

BOL was going on with test transmission when foreign media report came up and led to closure of this pathway.

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