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Bloodshed in Red Zone at last night


More than 300 citizens were wounded by the tear gas and rubber bullets, fired by police on protesters in Red Zone of Islamabad on Saturday night.


The workers of PTI and activists of PAT had been camped peacefully outside the parliament house for a fort night in leadership of their chiefs Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri respectfully. The demonstrator were seeking the Prime Minister to step down, claiming the election 2013 were rigged by him.

The leaders asked the participants to shift the protest in front of Prime Minister House peacefully last night but the police started heavy shelling of tear gas on the marchers and fired rubber bullets on them which turned the peace protesters into violent mob.


Number of women and children were injured also. All wounded were taken to Poly clinic and PIMS, the two hospitals of Islamabad. Wasim Khawaja, spokesman for the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences hospital said that 164  injured people had been treated in his hospital.

The Interior Minister was there to instruct the police and monitor the operation by helicopter. The government were later ordered the police to arrest injured who got minor wounds from hospitals.


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