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Biometric Verification System become a daunting task


LAHORE: Pre-paid SIM biometric re-verification on demand of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has become a difficult task due to non-resemblance in record of SIM holder hold by cellular companies and National Database and Regulation Authority (NADRA) as their identification is not verified through their thumb impression.


A massive number of subscribers have to listen from customer service centers, franchise or authorize retail outlet that your thumb impression is not matching with the record hold by NADRA so visit NADRA for removal of discrepancy.


Official stated that at present about 40% people outside the NADRA offices are people turning up for their thumb impression matching. Although government has set April 13, 2015 deadline for the cellular companies for biometric verification of about 103 million subscribers and cellular companies have asked the subscribers to verified their pre-paid SIM till Feb 26, 2015.

Till date, cellular companies have verified around 40 million pre-paid SMS through biometric verification system at the cost of Rs 10 from each subscriber.

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