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Bill Gates thanks Imran Khan for ‘Sehat Ka Ittehad’ polio campaign


KARACHI: In a letter sent to Imran Khan, Bill Gates thanked PTI chairman efforts regarding  polio eradication in Pakistan. Gates also expressed an interest in introducing mapping technology to the country in order to help polio combat polio suggested by Imran Khan.


Gates emphasised the importance of framing the issue of polio as a humanitarian rather than a political one, was pleased by the display of unity from the army and different levels of government on the ‘Sehat Ka Ittehad” campaign.


In his letter, Gates said, “It is encouraging to see the Army, federal, and provincial governments working together under your banner ‘United for Health’. This initiative is key to interrupting transmission, and it highlights how polio is truly a humanitarian priority above political and partisan differences.”


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