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Balochistan :Official discloses the number of missing persons recovered during last three years


Missing persons reaching the count of 122 were found out and brought back in Balochistan during the last three years, disclosed an official of Home and Tribal Affairs Department on Saturday on condition of anonymity as he was not permitted to talk to media about the sensitive issue.



The missing persons belonged to Baloch Nationalist group. He further revealed that as per official documentation 143 cases of missing persons were still in process in the missing person commission and the supreme court. The commission was formulated on the orders of supreme court four years ago, and it has so far resolved more than 600 cases, according to an announcement made in May. According to the official, 52 cases of missing persons were brushed off by the commission and the supreme court as they lack substantial evidence and proper documentation. The official also revealed that nine bodies of missing persons were found in different parts of Balochistan. however, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) disagreed with the claim and stressed that the number of missing persons was higher than told to media. “Thousands of Baloch political workers have been missing in Balochistan,” said Nasrullah Baloch, chairman VBMP. “Some were traced on the directives of the Supreme Court,” he said. On the other hand, the provincial government led by Chief Minister, Malik Baloch has assured the Baloch nationalists that it will bring to halt the dumping of mutilated bodies and the issue of enforced disappearances. The issue of missing persons has gain much importance after the supreme court took it up and asked the law enforcement agencies to recover the missing persons.

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