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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Most popular movie of Pakistan in year 2015


The movie features Bollywood’s mega star Salman Khan is the most talked about as well as most searched movie in Pakistan during the departing year of 2015.


Although there are many other thing which Pakistanis had been searching on Google, the movie which had been searched the most was none other than Salman Khan’s blockbuster of the year.

Apart from movie, the Pakistanis had been searching Reham Khan from the category of people the most during the 2015; while Ayyan Ali, who faced money-laundering case hailed to the second slot among the most searched people by the Pakistanis.



The movie was made to thaw the frozen situation between the two arch-rival neighbours in that lots of things were promoted to establish good terms between the two countries. Salam Khan, as always, played the most sticking and pivotal role in the movie with his typical style of acting and creating the atmosphere which worked greatly to make the movie a successful one.

As the plot of Bajrangi Bhaijaan comprising of a story which highlights a mutual relation between the people of Pakistan-India, the two countries which used to be one land, the movie received much compliments not only in the country where it was made but also from Pakistan. In the movie, it was portrayed how a Pakistani mute-child got lost while travelling in India along with her mother. And how she was helped by an India guy who did not care his life in order to bring the child back to the land she actually belonged to.

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