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Army and Ranger will protect the airports


ISLAMABAD: All the big cities’ airports will be secured by insuring the security with the help of army and rangers who are also ordered to train the Airport Security Force (ASF).


“A joint security plan has been devised in consultation with corps commanders of the Pakistan army under which security of the funnel area of major airports as well as installations has been given to the army,” special assistant to PM, Shujaat Azeeem told the media at Islamabad airport.


He also told the media that the craft which was attacked at Peshawar has been repaired. Regarding the suspension of the airlines in Peshawar, he said that he is very optimistic that these airlines will surly resume their flights in Peshawar very soon.

The military and rangers are directed to stay alert and maintain a minute eye over the surrounding area of the airports to meet the security requirements.

Moreover, the security, especially which is appointed on the airports, is beefed up after the terrorist attacks on the Karachi airport a couple of weeks ago.

The military’s performance on that occasion deserves great honor as they secured the airport from the terrorists with great devotion.


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