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Anti-terrorism amendment bill passed by National Assembly


Islamabad: The lower house of the parliament has approved the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill 2014, which would be useful in dealing with the terrorist organizations and their followers who are incorporated in funding the terrorism and other illegal acts like money laundering inside the premises of Pakistan.


The Bill was proposed to the National Assembly by the opposition parties for the amendment in the current Bill.


After this amendment, the security forces and other agencies would be compelled to get permission before to plunge into action against the suspects or accused.

The permissions could be granted by a Grade-17 officer or a magistrate, according to the latest passed Bill which has already been affirmed by the Upper House.

Apart from the above mentioned Bill, the other two bills also got approval in the National Assembly include Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amendment) Bill 2014 The Service Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 2014.

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