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Allama Iqbal museum to be set up in Germany


ISLAMABAD: On Saturday Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany Syed Hasan Javed told that all efforts would be made to set up Iqbal Museum in Heidelberg, Germany.


Allama Muhammad Iqbal famous as ‘Poet of East’ also played important role in independence of Muslims of Indian Subcontinent.

Iqbal lived in Germany between 1907-08, he got his PhD from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

The project will be completed with the support of Pakistani’s living in Germany.

Syed Hasan Javed was addressing a conference on ‘Iqbal’s Message and Contemporary Issues’ organized by the Human Welfare Association, Frankfurt at Iqbal Memorial Park on the Bank of River Neckar in Heidelberg.


He directed the Consul General of Pakistan in Frankfurt to organize a committee consisting of prominent Pakistanis living in Frankfurt and its interconnecting areas including Heidelberg to take their matter to the city government to get property for the purpose, a press release said.

Paying tribute to the great poet, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany said we need to understand the message by the great scholar in its true spirit to enhance unity among various factions of the Muslim societies and reactivate the institute of Ijtehad, to deal with challenges of modern day societies, according to the vision of Iqbal.

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