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70 million SIM’s re-verified, 11 million blocked, says PTA


ISLAMABAD: According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), they have verified more than 70 million SIM’s and 11million were blocked due to not having re-verification and these Subsciber Identity Module’s (SIM’s) were disowned, as the deadline of re-verifiacation of the SIM’S were given by the authorities two months ago.


Dr Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA was speaking at press conference on Saturday, along with him chief executive officers (CEOs) of all five cellular companies were with him.

“We understand that subscriber have had to stand in queues. But we have tried to make the process as friendly as possible. We appreciate the cooperation of the subscriber with the government to ensure safety and security in the country,” said PTA Chairman.

Talking at the conference he also told that how the journey of re-verification of SIM’s started on January 12, 2015. He also urged subscriber to re-verify their connections before April 12.


He also told that April 12 will be the deadline for SIM re-verification and would not be extended. “The cellular operators have had to make a lot of sacrifices but this exercise is important to verify all the connections,” said PTA chief.

CEO Telenor Michael Foley

“We urge all subscriber who have not re-verified their connections to do it before the deadline to avoid inconvenience,”

He also told that his company had invested $600 million for the process of re-verification.

CEO Mobilink Jeffrey Hedberg

“We are colleagues as well as competitor but today we work as a team to complete this critically important exercise to ensure safety of the people of Pakistan,”

The process of re-verification SIM’s started after the attack on Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. In this incident more than 100 children were killed. On this government took several steps against terrorists, one of which include SIM re-verification, claiming that ‘anonymous’ SIM’s are used by terrorists.

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