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65th death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan being observed today


The death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan is being observed on October 16.


The Shaheed-e-Millat Mr Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on 16 October 1951, while being in a public meeting the Muslim League at Company Bagh in Rawalpindi. The park was later named as Liaquat Bagh after his assassination.

Liaquat Ali Khan was a close confidante of the first governor general of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Liaquat Ali was one of those close ones, who supported and assisted Quad-e-Azam in the cause of achieving separate state. It was he who assisted the great leader of Muslim nation in campaigning for the creation of a separate land for Indian Muslims.


Observing his death anniversary, many organizations would likely to hold events paying homage to Shaheed-e-Millat for his services for the nation.

He was born into a Muslim Jatt Mandal Nousherwani family in Karnal, Eastern Punjab of India, on October 1, 1895.

Liaquat Ali Khan’s credentials earned him the appointment of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister. During his rule, he faced internal political unrest and his government was hardly survived a coup hatched by the leftists and communists.

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